What's wrong with cunning huge breasts?: H cup huge breasts woman cuckold her senior who has a girlfriend

Honoka Orihara, with her eye-catching H-cup big tits, is a bruised and busty cat burglar who seems to have boiled down the "bruising episodes" that are so prevalent in the world! She called her senior co-worker, who has a girlfriend, to her house to tell him that she was scared because she was being followed by a stalker! The senior clown looks around the house in alarm at the stalker who is not there, and reassures her that she is safe because he doesn't seem to be there! He mockingly approached her to check her out! He compliments his senior's girlfriend as "cute little loli with big tits" and says that even those with big tits are very sensitive! She also mockingly shows off her big tits, saying that big tits are more powerful in micro bikinis! She pretends to give you a massage and let you hold her H-cup big tits, then she's all yours! She can't do it with her tiny girlfriends, so she gives them a face massage and a titty titty titty titty squeeze! She is a little girl, but her H-cup tits are so much bigger than her tiny girlfriend's. She is a big girl, but she is a big girl. She pushes him hard with her mocking smile and big marshmallow tits, saying "Why don't you do it to me instead of her? It's a mocking, button-busting act!
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User Reviews

There are many videos of Honoka Orihara, but I think this was the first time she had a chance to get together with this young macho actor. She seemed to like the actor, and was much more animated than usual.

Her boobs are a little saggy, but that's enough for me. Her facial expression was definitely better than that of the other guys. I guess that's more exciting than with a strange old man.

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