Wealthy man's hobby : Compete which one is much erotic

It seems that many of the JDs (college girls) in the tennis circle are sluts! The wealthy father buys such JDs as adults! How jealous he is that he can have a threesome with Nana Nanami and Asaka Sera in a harem state! First, they compete side-by-side to get the most out of their vibrator masturbation, and then they take turns fucking each other until they're both erect! At the end, which beautiful pussy do you think I'm going to fuck more, Nana's tits or Asaka's nipple rings? I'm glad to see that both of them were liked by their fathers!
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User Reviews

Heyzo has a project called "A Man's Dream," and this is exactly what I'm talking about. I wish I had a good college girl.

Two nice girls, with money to spare, at his beck and call...what a man's dream! The opening scene is not about a wealthy man, but rather a dirty old man seducing a girl.... The girls have different tastes and compete to masturbate, but they don't take their clothes off, and the tennis wear is just tennis and the panties are erotic. They are all playing tennis and their panties are just a little erotic....take off those two pairs of pants and show us your beautiful pussy! The second half is a threesome with two guys, and they do whatever they want, including replacing two beautiful cunts in a row, and even cunnilingus while they do it. Finally, Nana finally gets her cum inside! Ignore the obvious ending, where she gets to enjoy a nice pair of pussies, and you don't get to cum in them! Man, do you have no stamina? Or are you just an idiot? What a waste of time!

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