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Manami Ueno and Yui Kawagoe, two little devils who can't stop getting excited when they see a man with M-feelings in front of them, show us an intense threesome. Manami and Yui lie blindfolded and watch as the man who leaves his body in their care tweaks her nipples and occasionally reacts by rasping her crotch, which makes her giggle and increase her excitement. The two of them play tongue-fucking and lesbian play, while also chewing on their growing cocks next to each other, and in any case, they seem very happy to get everything they want. Their cocks are getting wet and they're both shaking and moaning as they take turns inserting their bobbing meat rods into each other's wet pussies!
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I know it might be difficult with the Corona, but I'd love to see another update on GoeSanPo!

Manami Yui is a favorite actress and a mid-level oil survivor. She is good at attacking M in her erotic black and white lingerie, but she is not satisfied until she gets aroused by the cock sucking, anal licking, and prolonged display of a man's cock and anus! Manami's face is dissatisfied with the oral ejaculation of Manami, and she says "I let it out" and "I'm not a good girl". If she wanted to cum inside, she could have cum inside many times if she had stopped sucking and put her mouth in his mouth! GARIBI ANZU" and "BICYCLE SOAP LIKE A BUTTERFLY..." are much better suited for this than "M-Man" which is too much for them! If only there was a hairless area (lasciviousness) involved with a nice hairy beautiful pussy that was shaved to match the pie pan cock.... We have seen Yui's beautiful pie pan before, especially!

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