[VR] This is how my female boss seduced me

The overwhelmingly beautiful Emiri Momota forcefully seduces you, her subordinate, when you are alone with her on overtime. Taking advantage of the fact that they are alone in the office, the domineering female boss half-heartedly invites the male employee of her choice (Anata) to join her at her desk while opening her crotch and taking off her clothes. She licks your face with her irascible tongue while playing with her own beautifully shaved pie pan.... She pulls down your pants as she pleases you, and before you know it, your growing cock is being sucked into Emiri's soaking wet pussy, and you become her prey as she rides you and shakes her hips. If this is the kind of company I work for, I would want to work overtime every day....
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User Reviews

I wonder if they will hire a beautiful slut boss in mid-career. I guess a beautiful slut can't do her job well enough to be a boss, but that's OK.

I would like to see Emiri's pussy in VR, and I would like to see more close-ups of her pussy.

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