[VR] Shh! If you don't keep quiet, you'll get caught: Next to my colleague sleeping when drinking at home

Two guys and a girl have a drink at home with their coworkers, and while one of them falls asleep, the other two start making out... and have sex next to their sleeping coworker. While one guy falls asleep, the two remaining guys start making out... and have sex next to their coworker while he sleeps... This is a story that could easily happen, and Saori Miyazawa, with her cute smile, brings it to you in VR! Saori is an office worker who invites two men to her home. She confesses her feelings for her male colleague in a room full of other coworkers, and then she takes off her pants and gives him a blowjob! She then takes off her pants and sucks his cock! The girl's lines are always delivered in a barbed tone, but that's just for fun! I don't care if the explanatory and incendiary lines are a little too harsh! Erotic and cute is justice! Saori-chan masturbates with her legs spread in an M-shape on top of a cock, and then rubs her pussy while sucking the cock. Can I put it in?" Once she feels it, she seems to be able to say the words without hesitation! The realistic feeling of her moaning and cumming is something you can only get in VR!
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User Reviews

I'm so scared of her style. I'd like to have a girl like this to play with me for real once, but the VR gave me a little bit of an idea of the vibe.

I wish there was a New Year's party or something like this going on. I guess there is no New Year's party itself in this day and age. I'm twice as envious, right?

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