[VR] An affair partner who likes dangerous play to make a phone call during sex

Reiko Mizuhara, a beautiful and sexy MILF with a plump body, gets fucked while her husband is on the phone with her. Reiko makes noises of pleasure while her husband is on the phone with her. That's strangely intriguing! She enjoys getting a blowjob with her nice and comfortable tits, and after a little bit of a dangerous act of having her husband call her on the phone, she gets fucked in the middle!
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User Reviews

Reiko is a MILF who has appeared in a lot of co-stars and aliases, though not so much in her pin works Caribi. I don't particularly like her, and I don't have high expectations for her VR works.... She still looks good, but it's a shame that her MILF body is so visible in her works. She is a very good actress, but I don't know if she can do it in the other rooms. It seems to be the same as the others, so I did not give it a high rating.

The interest in VR has waned due to the sameness of the shooting patterns. No matter how many angles are changed in the same posture, it is still not interesting. It is better to watch a regular porn movie where you can change the scene.

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