[VR] Amazing posture insertion technique

Enjoy the video of Chisato Takayama, a cute and erotic young wife with a duck mouth, in amazing positions in VR! She gets fucked in a variety of amazing positions and uses a bar to her advantage. They get fucked in the most amazing positions with the help of a bar. They have an unquestionably thick and exciting fuck, ending with a Nakadashi finish, of course!
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User Reviews

She gave him a hand job, licked his balls, licked his ass, and finished with a blowjob. I guess it was a tough position for Chisato too! I wish I could have seen it in normal mode instead of VR because this situation was so erotic!

Chisato, a cute girl with slightly droopy eyes, has a nice pair of tits that I like and beautiful pie pans, but it's a shame they don't show on this screen! She is completely naked at the beginning of the movie, but she is hidden by the actor's cock and ass. She finally appears on the screen, standing up, completely naked and beautiful, but the angle is too far away from her! The rest of the scene is the same as before, but the situation screen is not enjoyable! As everyone says, you are delivering a normal work with great material, but you should listen to your members more! Not only listen, but reflect!

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