Time Fuck Bandits : Let Time Stands Still This Way at Karaoke

Saori Asada, who works in a karaoke box, is spotted by a male customer and made to do what he wants with a secret tool that controls time and people's minds. While alone with him in a private room, she is required to take off her clothes. Saori, whose own consciousness is being manipulated, does as she is told, strips naked, presses a vibrator against her crotch instead of a microphone, and gets very excited as she masturbates while listening to her own moaning voice being amplified through the microphone! The sight of the customer's penis in front of me made me want to insert it into her, and I felt it all over as she thrusted me in the back and normal positions, and I came, jittery and scared.
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User Reviews

It's one of my favorite series, even if it's old, it's good if it's your first time at Caribbean. I don't care about the first little play, I want an evolutionary mind-control feature rather than the current device! Saori has a nice body, beautiful tits, natural jungle hair, and a nostalgic pussy that is also charming. If only the pink inside was treated better, it would be more beautiful! The actress is supposed to be exaggerating her feelings, moaning and writhing, but in this film, she holds back even when she feels it! It's hard to endure pussy vibrator insertion and finger fucking with no expression on your face, isn't it? I think it's easier to pant even if it's not true... In the second half, she squirts a lot during the finger fuck, and when Abe sucks her big cock, which young actors don't have, she acts uninhibitedly and gets cum inside her beautiful pussy, which makes her very satisfied. The last small play is unnecessary....

I have been watching the series of Stop the Time since the first film. I would be happy to have a clock at hand that can stop time. Thank you very much.

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