The Undisclosed: The shy Spring Show 12

Sandwiched between two guys, Renmi Yoshioka in her swimsuit looks like she's having so much fun! What will happen to her at the end when she gets excited? She can't seem to suppress a smile as they put their hands between her swimsuit and play with her body, but when their hands are between her legs, she starts to feel good, and when her beautiful pie pan starts to tingle, she starts to urinate, and finally can't hold it in anymore.
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User Reviews

Beautiful Renmi in a swimsuit with her nipples poking out is writhing in agony and wants to pee, but then two annoying guys show up and it's all a bit of a turn off! She's so sick and tired of watching them lick and lick her face. She's soaking her face and not even getting her smooth pie pan wet! She can't stand it when she's stimulated! She has a smooth pussy, so her urination looks unobstructed and gushes out all at once, and the drops of her urine are shown to the camera with a shy but relieved smile. It's a shame that there were so many wasted scenes in this short, but it's good to know that Renmi likes the series!

Regardless of the content, I am glad that we can see the pee-pee scene from Renmi's vine manhood. I would like to see a feature on pee-pee scenes alone, including squirting, in the future.

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