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Luna Hinata, a beautiful actress with a chiseled face, is getting her pussy played with H toys to make her feel good! When her nipples are first stimulated, she pushes her breasts out and begs for more stimulation, so let's stimulate her clean-shaven pussy! An electric vibrator is pressed against her clitoris, and she seems to be getting all wet inside, so I insert a vibrator into her. She screams and writhes in agony, and when we give her a hard handjob as a tome, she ends up squirting all over the place.
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User Reviews

It's always a shame when a show isn't open to the public, but this was a great opportunity to see Luna's beautiful body and squirt from her beautiful pussy. She's got a nice pair of pantyhose with holes in them, but she's got a nice smooth pussy, and she's played around with a rotor and electric horns, but her G-spot finger stimulation at the end makes her squirt big time! Neruna is always hard at work and has a slender body, small tits, a nice pie-pan and a nice pussy with a characteristic clitoris. Her sweet voice is charming. If this is the kind of girl you're looking for, you're in for a treat!

Luna, you are a lovely woman, you have a beautiful pussy, the labia is a little tinted but inside it is a beautiful pink, your breasts are not so big, I like them, you have a beautiful anus, and you squirted very hard after the second session.

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