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Four beauties, Mikuro Komori, Momoka Ogawa, Ciel Hiiragi, and Misa Makise, fill their mouths with cocks and ejaculate all over the place! They all love big cocks and suck them deep into their mouths, and then they use their best tongue skills to make them squirm and squirt. The reward after the frantic sucking is a huge load of cum spreading in their mouths. You will be able to taste the taste of the cum that is released so vigorously!
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User Reviews

I really want to see them get fucked inside, but… but a cock in the mouth as a pussy and a cumshot while watching the pained expressions on their faces is a M-woman's training! Ciel Hiiragi and Misa Makise's semen cumshot is so good that it makes you feel like a king!

The fourth one shows me her underwear, her pussy, and her labia are colored as if they have been used for a long time, but they are beautiful pink inside.

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