The Task of New Employee Vol.25: She knows how to create a happy workplace Vol.2

Hikari Endo, who has become the company's sex doll in the previous movie, is once again being used as a toy by the male employees today! She gets her wet pussy soaked with adult toys and gets a big cumshot inside her first! Then, she is played with by several employees including the president, and she squirts so much that she can't even stand it! Hikari, who has turned into a slutty office worker, is finally shot with a succession of hot cum by the president, and she is in high spirits! I guess we can expect a bonus for this one!
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User Reviews

We have been waiting for the second part of Hikari Endo's story. She has a cute face, small tits and a small ass. She is first pranked by a senior staff member and then gets fucked inside. Then she was fucked by the president of the company and all the male employees. She was so cute when she was being fucked that I had to pull out everything.

I like the amateurishness of it all, I like the incontinence!

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