The Task of New Employee Vol.25: She knows how to create a happy workplace Vol.1

Hikari Endo, the most eye-catching and beautiful of the new employees, is favored by her boss, and as their skinship increases, things gradually take an unexpected turn...! As Hikari's boss rubs her shoulders, the two begin to get into a rather sexual mood! Hikari's boss's hands eventually reach out to her breasts and touch her tits! Hikari's excitement continues to grow as her boss does not resist, but just lets her take off her clothes as she is made to feel better and better! Taking advantage of the fact that they are alone, they start to get entangled with each other on the desk! But when the company finds out about this, she gets down on her knees and begs for forgiveness, only to be turned into a sexual outlet for her male bosses! Hikari is humiliated by her boss, thrust backwards, and even gets cum inside her, but she gets a taste of it and becomes a captive of the company sex!
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User Reviews

Hikari Endo has the body of a toddler, but she is fair-skinned, and her thighs and buttocks are very firm, which is my personal favorite type. She has some flaws, such as her dialogue is read in a barbed tone, her acting is poor, and she shows her disgust on her face, but I give her full marks for her sluttiness that makes her pussy wet immediately. I like her boobs the way they are, without any enhancements.

Hikari Endo is cute, has nice skin, fine tits, and a small ass. She is caught flirting with a male employee and is punished by having to play with everyone, but she looks so cute when she smiles happily about it. Her face is so cute when she smiles happily at them. I fell out many times when I saw her body looking so young and having sex happily and pleasantly. I am looking forward to the second part.

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