The Story Of Luxury Spa Lady, Vol.99

It looks like Mai, a newcomer like Shirayuki, has joined the store. I had to go. On my way home from work, I nominated Mai, who was still new to me and still had a very inexperienced hand. I think I can forgive her bad handiwork because of her cute smile. Of course I forgive her, but her blow job was polite and perfect. She may not have much experience with bubbles, but she seems to have a lot of experience with dicks. Now that my cock is clean, it's time for me to go to the bath. She is a manual but hard-working bubbly who never skips a single trick, and she gives us a full-course, close-contact body wash! Since she is still a rookie, she couldn't resist the feeling of her clitoris rubbing against my bare bottom, and Mai asked me to insert myself into her. She said so herself, so she won't complain even if she gets conceived.
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User Reviews

Mai is kawaii. When she rubs her boobs against you face to face, it is essential that she is good looking. The fact that her breasts are small makes her even closer to the audience.

Mai, a beautiful girl with a beautiful body, is a bubbly princess! She is a bubbly girl who usually wears gorgeous dresses, but she suddenly comes at us in erotic underwear, which is nice to see, but it is still a shame to see a man's cock up in the air as if it has been turned upside down by a prolonged blowjob! He sucks a long cock and balls in his mouth and goes back to the bathtub without shooting. She takes off her underwear as if she is stripping, but she forgets to take off her underwear, which is charming! She tried her best to get into the bath and wash her body with soap and bubbles, but she didn't get it in. She was so full of herself that she forgot to clean up her blowjob, which is her forte, and asked the customer if he was satisfied. Eczema on her left arm? I was a little concerned about the eczema on her left arm, but she is a beautiful girl who is a New Year's Day performer, so go for it!

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