The Story Of Luxury Spa Lady, Vol.97

Slender and slender Shiori Yamagishi treats her customers with all her glamorous techniques! Even before going to the bath, she explodes with a variety of techniques, including handjobs, blowjobs, bare thighs, lotion play, vertical cowgirl position, and half turns with penetration! The customer is at her limit and can't hold back any longer, so she explodes! In the bath, she also performs bubble-washing, periscope, slippery mat play, and live penetration! She gets a second shot of cum inside her beautiful pussy! Enjoy the blissful time!
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User Reviews

Shiori, your dull eyes are unbearable. If she sucks my dick while looking at me like this, I'm sure I'll come soon.

Shiori is a nice girl with a beautiful body and beautiful pink nipples, but we didn't get to see her pie-pan pussy last time because she didn't give us a blow job. I'm looking forward to seeing her this time! She is a nice girl with a beautiful body and pink nipples, but last time we didn't get a chance to see her pie-pan pussy. Sperm dubber is a good start. She is so tiny and full of energy, she is asked to periscope in the bath and turn her beautiful ass over to the guy, and suddenly she gets a squirt gun to her beautiful pussy and chrysalis! I hope they don't target her delicious chrysalis in the future! She was also covered with oil on the mat using her body, but the oil was too much and the insertion gun slid and didn't work, so she pulled a towel under her body and inserted the gun into her, and the sperm flowed out. She sometimes talked with a sigh, but she's cute and charming! I want to see her beautiful paipan next time I see her in the pictorial book!

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