The Story Of Luxury Spa Lady, Vol.91

Nana Nanami, with her bonky boned body and beautiful legs, makes her debut as a bubbly young lady! She greets us in a white dress with no bra and F-cup nipples claiming her beautiful breasts. She starts off with a hand job blowjob, then whispers erotically to the customer, "I like big cocks" and "Can I eat you? She then begins to serve her customer with erotic whispers of "I like big cocks" and "Can I eat it? She carefully peruses the back of the cock and deepthroats the cock. Nana loves cock so much that she talks while sucking it. In the bath, she washes her back with her F-cup tits and her cock with a dirty chair, then massages her whole body with lotion on the mat. After the bath, she gets on the bed and gets fucked to her heart's content! After the bath, she is on the bed for a full body massage and a full body massage on the bed. Enjoy the best service ever!
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User Reviews

Nana NanamiNana Nanami is cute with a soft face, fair skin, great style, and a pie pussy, and I love her. I really wish she would stop the blowjob at the beginning, but after the body washing, periscope, and mat, she moved to the bed and had sex with me, which was a great decision. The slow sex on the bed was very nice to watch and enjoy. I think this is the best in this series.

This cute and charming Nana is a bubbly girl. She has a nice body and small nipples, but they are not pink, but I want to get my body and cock rubbed with them! I was very impressed with her hard work and her technique, but I wish she would stop sucking so much oil, which I dislike. Unfortunately, her smooth pink pie pan pussy is only visible in glimpses, and we can't see it! She finally opened her eyes in the second half of the show, too late! Her pussy is beautiful and pretty without pigmentation, and her clit is small and her pussy has a little bit more than a little bit of a big pussy! She sucked my stupid breath in her mouth! I want to go to the soap shop, which I don't like, if she is Nana, and fuck her beautiful pussy and make her cum! But is that too much to ask?

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