The Story Of Luxury Spa Lady, Vol.90

Meilin, a beautiful half-Chinese girl, shows us the best of her hospitality as a superb soap girl. She starts her hospitality with a gorgeous "appetizer" by covering the customer and sucking him off from deep kissing with the finest tongue technique. After cleaning her body in the bath, she entangles her body in lotion play, making the customer feel so good that her brain melts. Insertion while her whole body is lukewarm is a sensation that words cannot describe, ending, of course, with a Nakadashi finish! It seems that Meilin has gained another regular customer.
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User Reviews

I love the beautiful MILF Meilin~! She is becoming more and more attractive to women. I love her pussy. It's great to have her finish me off with a cleaning blowjob. I wish you the best of luck.

Meilin is great after giving birth. Her broken body is a nice touch. I love her saggy black nipples. I didn't care to see them when she was young.

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