The Story Of Luxury Spa Lady, Vol.106

Saeki Chiaki, a slender beauty with beautiful legs and a beautiful ass, appears in "Superior Awajime Monogatari"! We present you with a subjective video from the point of view of a male customer unfamiliar with soap operas! She massages him gently with a smile so that he can relax and relieve his tension, and then she pacifies him between her legs! She is then served with a hand job and blowjob, but then she suddenly strips naked and starts to come on the cock with her bare panties! In the bathtub, she gives a periscope handjob in her black lace underwear, and then gives a footjob with her long beautiful legs in an erotic black lace bodysuit with an open crotch hole! She grinds and rides on her slippery, lotion-filled body! She grabs her slender waist and fucks her beautiful ass! While pistoning, she lifts up her beautiful legs and plays with her nipples with her toes! She'll finish you off with a cumshot, of course!
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User Reviews

Sperm flowing out of Villa's beautiful little pussy. It was also great to see her panting and passing away for the camera.

Chiaki, you are a nice lady, your breasts are not that big, but you look like a soap girl, you are wearing nice underwear and you have a nice black pussy, your vagina does not seem to be colorless, and the inside of your pussy is a nice pink color.

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