The Story Of Luxury Spa Lady, Vol.103

Saori Miyazawa has a sexy face, clear white skin, and firm E-cups. Saori Miyazawa is a beautiful soap girl who will show you her special services! She treats you with a thick kiss! She sucks his cock down to the root and then sucks it out! She starts off with a deep kiss, declaring that she will make you feel even better! She starts with a full-body bubble play, a dirty chair, a mixed bathing periscope, a lotion-slick full-body mat play, and a hot and raw fuck! She gets fucked by a beautiful pussy covered with her thin pubic hair! Please enjoy the hospitality of Saori, a beautiful soap girl, with her rich kisses and erotic body.
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User Reviews

A Japanese-style beauty with a fair-skinned body and dark hair, she is happy to straddle a customer in a mini-skirt and greet him with a passionate DK. When she takes off her clothes, her tits are like a bowl. She could not try the pot if she would have sucked him off as it was. After the chair washing and the periscope were done as it should be, we went to the mat. The smoothness of her skin is due to her glistening skin. But the real show was when she moved to the bed. For some reason, she resumed wearing her underwear, but the tongue twirling sex was full of emotion. The tongue twirling and tongue fucking is full of emotion, and the beautiful pussy covered with a thin layer of pubic hair is so blissful that it seems she will have to turn the tables early.

Saori-san is a nice lady, she has a nice slender body, nice underwear, big breasts, beautiful pussy, a little color on her labia, and a beautiful pink inside of her pussy.

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