The Story Of Luxury Spa Lady, Vol.101

Asaka Sera, who combines elegance and beauty, will provide you with a gorgeous and erotic time. As she slowly removes her clothes one by one, you already have an erection imagining the play that is about to begin with the beautiful Asaka in front of you. She smiles happily at this reaction, and you can taste the exquisite tongue work as she performs the blow job. However, this is only foreplay. After applying soap to her own body and continuing to caress the customer's body, she begins the long-awaited lubrication play on the mat. The customer's pussy is covered with a mixture of love juice and lotion, and she shakes her hips while enjoying the most comfortable sensation. Asaka feels so good that she leaks out her voice. The final cumshot was of course a Nakadashi finish, and the customer was able to enjoy the highest level of excitement.
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User Reviews

There is a "bubble country" in my hometown, but I haven't been there for a while because of these times. But I wonder if it's time to go now? I'm afraid of infection, though. If there was a beautiful companion like the actress in the Awahime series, I would go there at all costs.

Your debut film was about a former announcer. I'd be out of control in a heartbeat if I thought a former female announcer was looking up at me and sucking my dick.

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