The Story Of Luxury Spa Lady, Vol.100

Mao Umino, who has a very receptive and voluptuous body, will wrap you up in her whip-smack body! First of all, she greets you with a thick blowjob, making a nasty sound from her mouth. Then, while keeping her plump body in close contact with the customer, the two of them smear lotion all over her body. Mao herself welcomes the customer with her pussy wet as she watches the customer's erection grow without a word due to the excitement of touching her own body. When the customer's cock is inserted into her wet pussy, Mao can't stop moaning because it feels so good. After she gets a lot of cum inside her, she carefully cleans his cock with her mouth and licks up all of his semen.
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User Reviews

We are very happy that Tamao-chan, who has been with us for the past five years, will be featured in our 100th film. I am so happy to hear that Tamao-chan, who has been my friend for the past 5 years, will be featured in the 100th film. I hope to see you again, even if you change your name.

I've been waiting for Mao-san's superb Awahime. I've been waiting for Mao's 100th work, which is also a memorable one, and I wonder if it will be an honor for her to be that popular. However, I think she would have more fans if she would squeeze her fat belly a little more.

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