The special treatment by my favorite nurse

During my stay in the hospital, my favorite nurse, Ryu Enami, was my favorite time for medical treatment. She is always so kind to me that I was spoiled by her. She saw how my sexual desire was building up during my stay in the hospital and touched my sexual zones. When her tongue crawled all over my body, I felt indescribably aroused and could no longer contain my excitement. After giving me a gentle blowjob, she put her body on the line for me as well. I never thought that the time would come when the nurse of my dreams, "Ryu Enami," would get her pussy wet and writhing around on the hospital bed... It was truly a dream come true during the clinic time.
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User Reviews

I would be really happy if Ms. Ryu Enami is a nurse and gives this kind of medical treatment. I would like to ask Ryu-san to do it myself. By the way, why didn't you film it in a hospital room? Am I the only one who thinks there have been a lot of works lately with lousy stage settings?

She not only wipes the hospitalized patient's body with a wet towel, but also wipes his lips, cleans his dirty penis with her tongue and mouth, and even licks and washes his dirty anus! She is not only cleaned with her tongue and mouth, but she is also licked and washed with a dirty anus!

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