The Luxury Adult Spa: Tall beauty hospitalizes with splash and sex

Runa Hinata, a 170cm tall slender paipan beauty, will entertain you at "Iyashi Tei"! First, she offers her delicious pussy in the bath together, and next, she gives you a blowjob on the futon. She rubs her pussy in a face-up position and twists her body to give you a great licking blowjob. The beautiful hostess can't hold back any longer, and she rubs herself in the cowgirl position, making herself feel good while squirting. At the end, she gives us the best of hospitality by accepting a generous amount of Nakadashi!
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User Reviews

I guess Caribi is concerned that users who are unable to go out due to the Corona disaster should be able to experience the feeling of being in a hot spring as much as possible. It is a kindness that other sites do not have. Luna Hinata's service was also excellent. Tatsu-kun did a lot of cunnilingus this time. I wonder if something was coming out of Luna's honey pot. I want to taste it too.

Luna has a slender body, though it's a shame she doesn't have white skin, small breasts, cute nipples, and a beautifully pie-paned pussy. Is the series going well? Two more are coming soon, and if you like them, you won't be able to resist! I think it's common sense to wear no underwear under a kimono, but what! The standard transparent lintel under red string panties are a shame! I'm going back to the basics every time, stop it! I've said this many times... The transparent lintel and red belt are enough for eroticism, and the red string pants are a snake's footsteps! I couldn't even see her beautiful pussy! She is soothing the customers until she gives them a blowjob as a greeting, but then she is penetrated by Tatsu's unique hip swinging, and she is thrusted and cummed on by him. To prevent the series from becoming a rut and to avoid boredom, please think of something and continue the series!

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