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Emi Sakurai, who can't help the tingling in her body, begs for sex in full-length fishnet tights. He shows her how he masturbates and clings to her as if he wants a cock, but she has no reason to refuse. She pulls down his pants and gives him a hard blowjob while making loud and dirty sounds. While she is sucking his cock, she also masturbates with a vibrator. She can't open her eyes as she gets so lost in the sex that she can't even open her eyes, and ends up getting a thick cum inside her, which is very satisfying!
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User Reviews

Emi Sakurai is a pure Japanese beauty. Her white, slight breasted, slender body is the best. I think she taught me that even such a seemingly innocent and quiet looking girl can become like that when her sexual desire explodes. Her happy expression when she asked for a cock by herself and got a raw penetration was very nice.

Her Japanese-style face and purple net tights make me nervous. Moreover, she exposes her lasciviousness and presses in on you. She sucks and licks her cock with a delicious taste, which makes me feel like I have to live up to her expectations. Her small tits are erotic, and her pussy with natural pubic hair is exposed as she fucks him in a standing position with her legs spread, which is very disgusting. When they move to the bed and get completely naked and intertwined with each other, I was drawn in by their panting.

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