The college girl was offered sexual favor in return for getting a job

In this era of job-hunting difficulties, college student Kanon Korobuki wants to get a job offer at any cost, so she puts her body on the line and does the interviewer's bidding! Her breasts are rubbed as she is told to in order to satisfy the desire of the interviewer's males who are looking at her body, even from the top of her suit, as if licking it! She takes off her clothes when told to do so, and even though her sensitive pussy gets wet just by the wind blowing, she endures the humiliation of getting wet for the sake of getting the job offer! She finally falls under the cunnilingus of the bum interviewer who sucks up her love juices with a nasty sound! She finds herself sucking the interviewer's cock and shaking her own hips as she is drowned in the sex. Kanon even gets Nakadashi in the end, and is she able to get a job offer?
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User Reviews

Kanon Korobuki, with her big boobs, ass, and pussy. This kind of sexual harassment and power harassment against job hunting girls is not acceptable, but it is also a fact that there are black companies that do such things with impunity. However, if Kanon-chan came to a job interview, it might not be surprising that she would engage in such behavior.

Kanon has a cute face, but her body, as you said, is thick and extra fat! She looks so cute in her ripped recruiting suit, and even though she undresses quickly, it takes her a while to get completely naked! It's a job interview, so what can I do? She is a very physical interviewer, but she would rather win a permanent job with a comfortable body and a beautiful pie-pan pussy than make such an effort… The interviewer touches and plays with her body, but she still looks delicious! She is whipped and naked, and her beautiful pussy is penetrated and fucked by the sex supervisor's cock, and she is satisfied with her face and relieved to hear that she is hired. I was relieved to hear that I was hired. I was relieved to hear that I was hired without any worries about getting away with it. What a surprise! She's a very nice girl with a comfortable body, and if she could just squeeze a little, she'd be a waste of time and energy!

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