Special Lesson After School: Sex after school becomes my routine

After school, Shiho Nagamine goes to her usual man's place as fast as she can. To receive the favor of the man who fills Shiho up.... Shiho's heart starts beating faster and she begins to get excited just by having her skirt rolled up and her body played with over her school uniform. By the time his fingers are inserted into her pussy, she can't stop wetting herself. The act of having both of her hands free is the most arousing for Shiho, who is a dominant woman. She repeatedly performs frantic deep-throating while feeling his cock against her throat. They are soon inserted with his cock in their bodies, and their hips are shaking as they change positions. Shiho is very happy to receive the reward of a massive cum inside her today.
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Next time, please show us the annual video of Shihoka spreading her labia minora to show the urethral opening and then urinating vigorously with her legs spread.

Her profile search only shows C-cups, and her height, three sizes, and age are unknown… I wonder how old Shiho Nagamine is, as she looks like a real cute JK in her short-sleeved sailor suit that suits her plump body. She is a JK, so she is not completely nude, but is in a sailor suit with her hands restrained… She finishes naked with a checked skirt wrapped around her belly, but I wish she had been fully exposed for the scene where she pulls Setsune's big cock in and out of her!

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