Special Lesson After School: I'm so happy to be punished

After school, please make me a slave... Kokoro Kazuto, a pure and cute loli who looks great in her school uniform and twin-tail hair, is at home again! Maybe it's because she's a dominatrix who wants to be tortured a lot, or maybe it's because she's late for her master's visit on her way home from school! She gets her tits played with, and her smooth and beautiful pussy is mercilessly scolded by a finger fucker and an electric gun! She is then restrained so that she can't pull out, and she is trained to suck and cum with a blowjob and deep-throating! She is also given the order to ride a cock into her pie pan! Her peach ass bounces up and down! Her cute face is filled with ecstasy, and she's so horny! She is so sensitive and moans so much that she is willing to get fucked by the insulted girl! She says, "I was so happy. It felt so good," she says.
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User Reviews

Kokoro Wato looks so cute in her twin-tail hair and JK school uniform that you're sure to get picked up if you walk down the street dressed like this! Her smooth pussy is just like a little girl's before her pussy hair grew out…and when she opens her pussy, you can see her cute clitoris and modest pussy lips…Tatsu, we envy you that you can train such a young Kokoro to cum inside!

Kokoro-chan, I have appreciated her very fondly. She is short and has small breasts, but her round beautiful ass is very tasty. I would like to see this kind of single delivery, not just a quick clip. I also hope to receive the two bonus videos together.

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