She loves to have sex with a shorter man

Rin Hashimoto, a slender, tall, and beautiful woman, says that when she is in front of a man who is smaller than her, she wants to wrap him around her body. She masturbates in front of a man who is shorter than she is, imagining the sex that is about to begin. She gets her pussy wet and sucks his cock with great care. He ejaculates in her mouth because she feels so good with his pleasant tongue. Then, he gets fucked in the back while shaking his soft beautiful tits and moaning, and finally, of course, he gets cum inside her and enjoys the best sex ever.
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User Reviews

Rin Hashimoto is already 30 years old and her belly is starting to bother her... Her pussy, which is pink inside but dark around the edges, and her big nipples, which have not changed since the days of Miki Aimoto, are obscene! Her moist lip service including sucking and licking her balls is very erotic and polished now that she has reached her thirties!

The smaller the actor is, the older she looks. But is she already in her twenties? I was surprised by her cuteness.

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