Sexual Dream Comes True 2023

Kanon Korobuki, who has not been told anything about the details of the shoot. Today, we have carefully selected passionate Kanon Korobuki fans who were recruited through social networking sites to come to the show! She says, "I don't do autograph sessions or events, so I don't have direct contact with fans," which seems a bit new to her! Unlike the staff, we thought it might be exciting to have sex with the fans while they watch us live, so we got right to work! She calls out for a male actor, and he responds sensitively as she steadily comes! Huh? Aren't you forgetting something? Actually, Kanon-chan thought she was a staff member, but what she saw from afar were five fans! They were all looking at Kanon-chan from a distance! The director urges the fans to touch and squeeze her marshmallow body! She gets her tits squeezed and her nipples licked from both sides, and her hips are bucked and shaken by the pistons from below! She gets excited and comes all over the place as she gets poked from behind by professional dicks while licking the nervous dicks of the fans! She's got to make not only herself but also her fans feel good, so she gives them a funsucking blowjob! While she's getting her marshmallow body rocked and her cock is about to come, she takes turns straddling her fans and giving them tit-bits! The director asks her, "Since you came all the way here, do you want to get sprayed? The director asked her if she wanted to spray her body, and she said it would hurt if it got into her eyes, so she agreed to shoot her face down from her nose! She gets so excited and cum all over her face with the passion of her fans and a lot of cum on her face, and then she gets fucked in the pussy!
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User Reviews

There are many actresses with slender bodies, but few of them have such a heavy and soft body as Korobuki's. I think she is a valuable asset to CARICOM. Unfortunately, I would have liked to see her perform the second half of the show with continuous Nakadashi rather than face-fucking.

The dynamic and heavy female body is overwhelming ……. She is a gem in this industry. Her big ass with a raised front bend and swaying breasts were super good.

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