Sex with her husband's best friend: she has been frustrated with her husband who has ED...

Riri Shirakiri is a beautiful wife who is filled with desire from her life with her husband who cannot get an erection at all during sex. Just looking at her husband's friend's body makes her body tingle.... Riri knows she shouldn't do this, but she can't stop her desire, and as soon as she kisses him, the thing she has been holding back bursts out. Riri's pussy becomes soaked wet as she is tortured intensely, and a cock that is clearly different from her husband's is inserted into her, and she is enveloped in a pleasure she has not experienced for a long time, until it is finally ejaculated inside her.
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Riri Shiraki is not flashy, but she is calm and collected, and her pink pussy is covered with an obscene amount of pussy! Riri is frustrated with her ED husband and gets horny with his friend who comes over to her house and eats her out, a common story in porn.

Before her teeth were fixed, Noriri had a lovely face and a moderately plump figure that was irresistible. I can understand her impatience at the thought of not being able to stand in front of her exquisite white skin and full breasts. The pink secret hole that felt so good in the husband-approved entanglement was moist and wet and clung beautifully to the meat pole. However, the performance itself was monkey business.

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