SEX Lesson: This is what all girls want

Two hours of intense lessons by Koi Miyamura and Ange Natsuki, who say that both sex and masturbation are essential for improving a woman! Using their own bodies, they carefully and clearly teach the secrets of women's bodies that men cannot know. From how to masturbate, to the sexual zones that women's bodies are made of, there is a lot of intriguing content here. He also shows us how to masturbate with a man, how to breathe with a man, and how to get used to feeling good during sex, all while wetting your pussy!
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User Reviews

I love it! I like your pussy, your pussy hair, your asshole, your body! But I'm sorry, the picture's old!

Koi is still a beautiful witch, and Ange, look who's here, Rui Natsukawa, it's been a while! A combination of mature women showing off their female bodies? If you talk about changes in women's physical age, the combination of Ms. Koi and a tight girl… Both of them are veterans and know everything they can do, and they talk naked with their clothes on. It would have been more exciting if I could have seen the actual pussy, not just a picture of it…. The model shown on the side is too pink, and her used pussy looks obscene and grotesque, but the real thing is still more exciting! Koi plays the main role, but she plays a minor role in the commentary, and there are few scenes of her taking off her clothes, and she is almost completely naked and has no sex. Anjyu-san practiced blowjob, but she was too late to take off her underwear, and finally she got involved in a nude scene, and she was penetrated and ganged up on, but to my surprise, she didn't have any real sexual intercourse and had to use rubber! The first half of the film had a good amount of hair on the top of her pussy when she masturbated, but the second half had a lot of light hair on the top of her pussy when she inserted her pussy. The title of the movie is very promising, but there is not much nudity, no interplay between the two, no Nakadashi, and Koi is in a sashimi state. If only there was more nudity and excitement! But I will give it a 5 with no reduction for these lovely beauties.

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