Sex all day long

Mai Seta, a beautiful actress with big eyes, makes her first appearance on! On a day off with nothing planned, newlywed Mai is in full-on H mode from the morning! She grabs her half-asleep husband's crotch and greets him with a hard blowjob while making nasty noises! How could he not wake up when she does that! The husband willingly accepts his wife's invitation! After waking up from their early morning sex, the two are still excited and fuck each other again in the kitchen, and then go to the bath together. After getting even more excited in the bathtub, they go back into the bedroom with a refreshed state of mind! On their day off, they forget about everything and just fuck and fuck and fuck!
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User Reviews

While many girls are only able to get laid because they can't help it after all the hard work I put in, it would be great to live with an erotic girl with such a positive attitude!

Mai Seta looks like Arisa Mizuki when she was young in her profile while giving an alarm blowjob. She starts off by fucking a beautiful pussy with a nice pie pan…and when she stares at you with her big, crisp eyes, you'll be hooked and ready to cum as many times as you want! I can't wait to see what she does next!

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