Sex all day long 2

Hina Hodaka, a very cute loli married woman, takes advantage of her husband's day off to get fucked from the morning! Hina pulls down her husband's pants while he's still sound asleep, and grabs and licks his cock, making him very happy. The cute wife's aggression gets the husband very excited, and they lick each other's crotches in a six-nine position! After they finish fucking each other, Hina provokes her husband even more in the kitchen, this time wearing a naked apron! She plays with his already wet pussy and then fucks him again standing up! She fucks him again on the sofa in the living room! Then, after taking a bath together to refresh themselves, they finish off the holiday in bed with the most intense fuck of the night, finishing with a Nakadashi finish!
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User Reviews

Hina-san has only been here less than a year, but I like her sophistication. I guess it's only newlyweds who have sex from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed on their days off! At my age, it's impossible. I like the way they are dressed with aprons and in the bath, but I think it's more important to have skin-to-skin contact, even though it may be erotic to wear mesh body tights on the bed at the end of a naked relationship in the bath. The most important thing to remember is that you should never be afraid of the girl's body, and you should never be afraid of the man's body. But if they are young, they go straight to the hole, they don't look around, they rush in, and they sink. I'm jealous!

Good morning to good night" is a catchphrase used by a famous company in the past! Anyway, I'm jealous that Hina Hotaka, who looks just like Mirai Shida, can wake up and give me a blowjob, then fuck me in bed, kitchen, living room, and back in bed again! The play with the naked apron and mesh tights was great, but it was a shame that they only ended up washing her in the bathroom… I would have liked her to rinse off the body soap and give a blowjob!

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