Secret Affair: crossing the line with a daughter's friend

A friend's father can't take his eyes off Yukiho Shirase, whose big tits are clearly visible even through her clothes. Yukiho is used to having men's eyes on her big tits, but she can't help it when her father's eyes lick around her body. She sits down next to her father to stimulate his male curiosity. Naturally, the old man lost his patience and grabbed her tits from behind! The father gets even more aroused and pushes his fingers into the young girl's wet pussy, then presses his face into hers and licks her hard, falling right into Yukiho's trap. Yukiho, who loves older men's cocks, responds with a hard blowjob, which Yukiho takes in her mouth! They continue to press their pubic areas against each other, and then, naked, they start to swing their hips against each other's bodies, finishing up with a cumshot in the thrill and excitement of never being caught! We can't help but wonder what their relationship will be like in the future...
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User Reviews

Yukiho ShiraseI wonder if this burikko is just plain cute or if it's calculated. She has a nice body with big boobs, a firm ass, and a nice tight pussy, so I don't really care. This is great, because I tend to look at the camera because I'm curious about it. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Yukiho, a cute girl, is new to the scene. She is a very pretty girl who is new to the scene. She started a month ago and is now having sex 5 times a week with a lot of enthusiasm. She is very interested in sex and is in the most fun period of her life. She is approached by her perverted and erotic father, who is in the throes of fucking her, and she is not averse to being sexually harassed and praised for her beautiful tits and licked all over, her pants are taken off and she is praised for her nice smell, and she is finger fucked and cunniled. She then takes off her pants, compliments him on how nice he smells, licks the tip of his cock, and finally gives him a blowjob and a hard-on. She is naked and the video of her sucking pussy from the back is great! She sucks his dick and gets fucked by him easily, but he says it's ok. When she asked him if she would get pregnant, he replied that she would be fine because his pussy was so thin! Comic dialogue? But she was very satisfied! It would be fun to play with a girl like this! She's got a nice body, but she needs to squeeze a little more. Interesting work, I'm looking forward to her next one. 5 stars.

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