Santa Girl Anthology3

The Christmas season is here again! Erotic and cute angels descend on us as Santa Claus on this night of sex! Fuwari, a lovely mini-skirted Santa who gets her 149cm petite body fucked and bukkake-white Christmas. Kurumi Chino, an erotic Santa Claus with beautiful tits and ass, gets finger fucked alone in her bright red Santa underwear. Anna Kimijima, a cute and innocent-looking Santa Claus who comes to a sad man who has just broken up with his girlfriend. Tuna Kimura is a cute and pretty Santa Claus with a nice pie-pan and a very cute Nakadashi! All four of them are so hot that just a little touch makes their bodies jerk and jerk! They are all covered in cum and cumming like a snowflake! Please enjoy the night of sex!
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User Reviews

It's that time of the year again… A year goes by so fast, doesn't it? We thought we were going to see four more cute Santas getting fucked hard this time around, but alas, Kurumi Chino was only in the "Pussy Book" for some reason! I can't wait to see who will appear in "Nakadashi Santa 2022"!

It is a costume for women that is not strictly speaking a Santa Claus costume, but rather a Santa-like costume designed for women. It is a costume that is difficult to put on and only suits beautiful sexy women or cute girls. However, since this series is a compilation of previously distributed works, I would like to see a completely new work with many actresses in it once in a while.

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