Quick Shooting: The Best Of Emi Sakurai

Emi Sakurai is a beautiful white beauty with a great body that is so comfortable to hold, and we've gathered up all the scenes we can find of her in action! She sucks her white boobs, licks her pussy, and writhes around as a cock is inserted into her while she makes a loud, nasty noise! Emi Sakurai shows us her thick play with two guys, and she also shows us her sluttiness as a soap operator sucking on a customer's cock and shaking her beautiful white tits in a scene without her!
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User Reviews

Emi Sakurai's BEST is good. I like "Hayanazuki BEST" because it is literally a collection of selected works for Hayanazuki, even though it is a collection of two works. Please keep up the good work.

It's made to look like a Western pin. It's okay once in a while. But I'd like to see more uncensored works by younger girls.

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