Power harassment female director who dabbles with a big macho tough guy

Komori Mikuro, who has a baby face but beautiful plump tits, appears as an office worker! Mikuro, who seems to be frustrated by the stress of her job, seduces a macho guy she likes. She says no, but her body is honest, so she moves into a private room and gives him a blowjob. Mikuro gets her tits rubbed and titty fucked, and then she gets her tits titty fucked and titty fucked by him. It's a great situation!
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User Reviews

Komori Mikuro" is becoming more and more sexy. I was thrilled. The cleaning blowjob after Nakadashi was the best. Her lines are also very pleasing to men, such as "I'll clean you up with my mouth! I would like to ask her to do something for me. I would like to ask her to shave her hair clean and neatly. I think it is painful for the actor to see the hairs sticking out in the close-ups. Please keep up the good work, Komori Mikuro.

Komori Mikuro-chan is good. If the actress is not an outlier in this type of work, there is little chance of being an outlier, so you can watch with peace of mind, and Mikuro was no outlier either. She has a cute face, big and beautifully shaped boobs and buttocks, and a pussy. She has a nice, narrow waist, and I really liked the way she seduced a guy and had sex with him to satisfy her own sexual desires. Full marks.

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