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Luna Hinata is an erotic and cute girl with big eyes. She has a small face, 170cm tall, long beautiful legs, and a great style! Luna loves to lick and suck, so she gets close to the guy and gives him a lot of saliva and tongue kissing. She starts with a deep kiss, then proceeds to lick the man's nipples and downwards, and then gives him a hand job while holding his dick and licking his nipples! She licks his balls and gives him a handjob and a blowjob! She moves to the bed and gets her big clit licked by a face cowgirl, and she moans and comes in succession! She gets her pussy so excited by the hard piston that she squirts a lot! She gets her pussy turned around and licked by a squirting man! She also gets fucked in a variety of positions, including a stationary valve! She's moaning in a cute voice, and her pussy is so juicy that she can't stop cumming! She begs him to let her cum inside and he finishes her off by cumming inside her pussy! Don't miss the look of satisfaction on her face as she gets fucked and fucked hard! Not only for tall guys who like to be licked from above by tall women, but also for M guys who like to be licked by tall women.
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User Reviews

Luna Hinata is the best. Cute face, well-proportioned and excellent proportions, and a nice pussy. Her slightly dark skin is also nice. She has a nice dark skin, and she has a great tongue kissing sex scene. They kiss each other all the time during sex, so it's good that they are inevitably in close contact with each other. I love close sex because I can feel the love between them.

I always imagined that Luna Hinata would squirt a lot in a single movie, but this time she just squirted a lot…maybe a little bit too much! But this time, she only squirted a little bit… but it was a little bit quiet… but even so, Runa's pussy is always so beautiful that you want to caress it and make it squirt!

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