Pedometer Challenge : Will it be achieved 10,000 times with a nasty Polynesian hip swing?

Minami Sakamoto, who is usually a Polynesian dance instructor and is exotic and very fit, is dressed in a Hawaiian costume and took on the pedometer challenge. She starts shaking her hips, which is her forte, while applying a rotor and an electric pussy to her pussy, but she seems to be slowing down her usual nimble movements because of the way she feels. Minami's excitement seems to be growing, so we ask her to lick all over the big cock... Minami loves 69, and she gets wet and giggly both above and below. She swings her hips all over the place, riding, back, and in the normal position, making the most of her signature swinging hips, and finally finishes with Nakadashi! And another day... Minami Sakamoto contacted us herself to redeem herself as a Polynesian dancer, and this was her second pedometer challenge! She promised to make a promo video if her pedometer reached 10,000 times! How well did her training work out? Watch out for Minami's even more wild and wild hip swinging than last time!
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User Reviews

LOL, I'm a lady with a Waiha image, tanning in the sun, vine man, you're doing a great job! I love how her pussy is even redder than before. I like your pussy even more than the red inside. Keep up the good work!

The multiple tanning marks are realistic and erotic. The nipple rings and tan lines are right there! Are you wandering around dressed like that? I'll have to get used to it.

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