One more time, One more fuck : Mai Shirakawa

It seems that Mai Shirakawa, a D-cup beauty clad in a glamorous atmosphere, has just finished her porn shoot. The cameraman rushed in while she was in the shower and asked her for a private fuck shot, which she readily agreed to! Even though her body was a bit limp right after the shoot, Mai, who loves sex, made me feel good while she made herself feel good too! She even offered to give me a blowjob to clean me up, so I gave her a blowjob and her cock started to respond, so I followed it up with a blowjob from behind! Life is great when you have a sexy actress who will let you fuck her if you ask her to!
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User Reviews

The lovely and ladylike Mai Shirakawa has already made her 7th uncensored debut on New Year's Day, and her fast pace of delivery is a joy to behold! But I would be satisfied if the playback time was short and there was no real sex, like in the "Pussy Guide" and "The Undisclosed" series, but considering the concept of this series, there's no way she's going to shoot herself in the mouth because she's getting fucked live, even if it's an extra video! And the fact that it ends with a half-hearted start of the second round from the back is also unsatisfactory! The play time for this one was 20 minutes, but if it was as long as Minami Fujii's 30 minutes last time, we could have seen the cum splashed all over her ass… But even so, it's a good thing we got to see Mai's cute and confused expression when she asks for a private fuck in the shower right after the shoot, as well as a live fuck. I guess that's good enough for you, right?

I think there are different tastes, but the picture quality was beautiful enough. If your taste is right, I think there is no harm in downloading it.

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