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I asked Rena Hiiragi, who has fine healthy skin and beautifully styled E-cup tits, to give me another blowjob right after filming! She gently started sucking my cock, making a lot of noise as she licked my cock. She licks and sucks the cock while making a chirping sound, and even if you don't see it, you'll definitely get aroused just by hearing it! I was afraid that she was going to make me cum by sucking my dick, so I said, "Wait a minute! She was trying to stall for time before she came, and the last time she came, she came raw! She complained, "Hurry up and cum! Enjoy this private sex session with Rena Hiiragi, who complains that she can't wait to cum, but she's feeling it herself!
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It's like a certain everyday scene of a yankee gal.

I know it's a frame shoot, but it's not enough that she only touched her boobs and nipples a little while she was fucking him in the cowgirl position and didn't caress his pussy! I don't know if Rena Hiiragi's clerical manner while complaining about the situation, like when you get a mined out Yankee-like princess at a brothel, is she just acting or complaining…but she did show me a live cumshot, so I guess it's okay! One thing I learned is that porn girls who are willing to give a live cumshot are using the after-pill!

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