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When we asked Minami Fujii, a slender and slender beauty, to let us fuck her right after the shooting, she had the presence of mind to say, "If you have a cock, I'm glad I fucked you," and then she made her decision. She liked the smoothness of the glans and said, "I like your cock, I like it so much I want to sleep with it. I like it so much I want to sleep with it, just here." She rubbed his cock and moved to the bed with the main body of the man. She smiles with a big smile and says, "It's so lovely, isn't it?" She slaps his cock on her cheek by herself. First, she starts with a quick blowjob! She is a cock supremacist who refuses to suck a cock unless it is a good one, and she sucks it well, sucking it hard and making a sizzling sound. She pokes his balls with an erotic smile and asks, "Does it hurt if I crush it? She also smiles a droll smile. When asked to lick her nipples and give her a blowjob, she readily agreed. She readily agreed! Despite her slender appearance, she is very dynamic, looking at the camera and using her long tongue in a very erotic and amazing way! When asked to show her pussy, she said, "Hi, pussy! Here, it turns out that she is a pro at fucking up to 10 guys in one day in her private time. She confesses to the finger fucking, "It feels so good it's frustrating! She is also greedy for a vacuum blowjob. When she gets fucked in the back with her amazingly slender ass, she even has time to look at the camera and try to find the best face to make her cum! She gets pounded by her favorite cock and comes screaming! She's so hard that the camera almost falls on her face, and she shoots herself in the mouth! A man who says he can't do it because his sexual desire hasn't subsided yet asks her if she wants to cum! I can cum! I can do it! Minami was greedily chewing on his cock.
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User Reviews

This is what happens behind the scenes of a porn shoot! I'm sure it's not true, but looking at this face, you'd think I might have a chance if I asked for it.

It would be a shame to waste a half-finished fuck with Minami, who is coquettish and has an S-feeling, without stripping her completely naked. She was too good to be half-fucked. She even said, "One more time," and sucked my cock again. It was a small play, but she showed her erotic cuteness.

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