One more time, One more fuck: Begged one more fuck with Kanon Ibuki who can do easily even immediately after shooting

Kanon Korobuki is asked for a "fuck shot" by one of the male staff members, who walks up to her right after the shoot and confesses that he is a fan...! She hesitates, but her enthusiasm compels her to accept the request! Sitting on the bed in her bathrobe and bare skin, she lets the man, who can't contain his arousal, take control of her body! She begins to feel him play with her as he attacks her, breathing hard through his nose, and she begins to let her mind go! Kanon-chan loves to suck and pie him, and his cock gets bigger and bigger until it enters Kanon-chan's wet pussy...!
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User Reviews

This is a short film after the shooting, despite its long title. I wonder what kind of state of mind an actress is in immediately after a shooting? Still in a state of excitement? Not enough sex? Do they want to take a break already? The staff who want to fuck Kanon, who seems to be unstable, let her get a little bit of tip-on without asking her if she wants it or not! She was so excited that she was willing to give in to the pressure and the money! For some reason, she was touched on her gown on the hospital bed, and when she was taken off, she was completely naked without her underwear, but unfortunately we couldn't see her beautiful pussy! Kanon looks smart in her gown, but when she takes it off, her thick body and flabby belly are a little too much to look at, but her plump banked pie pans are beautiful! She is so proud of her big tits that she can't resist blowing him, and she is so proud of her beautiful pussy that she can't stand to watch him. She said it wasn't what she promised, but she didn't even refuse to take it! But at the end, she couldn't resist the intense sound of the hand job and sank her pie shot! Unlike the last time with Rena, the end was quiet and disappointing! Kanon-san, squeeze your belly a little! There will be more work after the new year, so look forward to it!

The meaty body is great. Anyway, I envy the actor.

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