One more time, One more fuck: Begged one more fuck with Eri Saeki who is tolerant even right after shooting

While Eri Saeki was getting ready to leave after the shoot, the cameraman came in. I know it's wrong, but I was so excited to see her during the shoot that I negotiated with him to see if I could get one more fuck with her. Surprisingly, she readily agreed, saying, "As long as you are confident that you can satisfy me...! He said he wanted to see my dick, so I showed him my hardened and pent up dick. It's getting bigger! I said and started to touch it. He seemed to want to taste it while he was touching it, so he put it in his mouth and started sucking it. She said, "I want to put it in if you let me cum," and she led me to the bed. I couldn't cum inside her, so I had her pull it out with her mouth at the end and clean my dick.
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User Reviews

I love Eri Saeki, she is cute and has a slender body with small breasts. Even though it was right after the shooting, she said she felt like giving me a blowjob, so she said, "Yes! Do it!" I can't stop myself from inserting her ass into my mouth. It's a pity that she didn't perform Nakadashi, but I was happy to see the real Eri-chan.

I guess they are refreshing without the acting. I didn't know that if I asked her, she could not only suck me off, but even insert herself. Moreover, she enjoys it herself. After giving it to her mouth, she cleansed it carefully again. I'm sure she will do it one more time.

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