Off Guard House Wife

Good morning, Reika Kudo! Even if it's at the garbage disposal area of an apartment building, a beautiful woman like your wife shouldn't be walking around in a floating bra with her nipples fully exposed! I'm so focused on her nipples that I can't take in any of the small talk! My crotch must be mistaken! No, I'm not mistaken anymore when she invites me out for cake while her husband is away, even if it's just to be neighborly! I touched her thighs, touched her buttocks, nuzzled her breasts, and opened up my misunderstood crotch! His wife says she didn't mean it, but her resistance is very weak! Gobble my love juices! I'm going to cum as hard as I can!
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User Reviews

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A glamorous married woman. The nipples of her small breasts peeking out through her collar are erotic. Her natural brown hair enhances her beauty. Her dense pubic hair has to be raked and teased, but it is nice to get sizzling wet. She makes a nice squeal when I thrust into her further with my meat stick.

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