Naughty Woman : Rei Kiritani

Rei Kiritani takes on the challenge of having realistic, immersive sex with no costumes, no backgrounds, no settings, and no scripts! From the first kiss to the touching of her smooth pussy, she is enraptured! She gets a tit-fucking with her ample tits, a blowjob that makes a loud and powerful sound, and then they lick each other in a 69, before getting into each other's pussy! They take their time and pursue true pleasure with each other! This is all-intensive biological mating without all the distractions for both performer and viewer!
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User Reviews

The entire studio is black and dark, even the mat cover where the play takes place is darkened, and the spotlight is on them. It's the ultimate in eroticism! Rei Kiritani, a 32 year old MILF with big 90cm G-cup tits and a beautiful pussy, has a good impression of a 32 year old MILF who is not out of shape! We're eager to hear what Rei has to say about her voice in the next installment, but we're hoping that she'll show us some intense, moaning sex!

There are few unnecessary scenes, and the content is excellent, with the main focus on sex scenes in the nude out of the blue. The erotic face, glamorous body, and Nakadashi (Nakadashi is a cumshot) are very good. However, it is regrettable that the movements are slow and the moaning is subdued in this series, so I hope it will be improved.

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