Naughty Woman : Mai Hazuki

Mai Hazuki pursues the real eroticism that women are capable of, and has some of the richest sex you'll ever have! Mai Hazuki's moderately plump body is irresistible in the spotlight! She is repeatedly caressed in a standing position, and her pussy gets wet as she is slowly and gradually finger fucked! The expression on her face as she feels the cock being inserted slowly and slowly while being penetrated deep inside her in the normal position is too erotic!
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User Reviews

This series was the best planned …… with the curvaceous beauty of male and female nudity, the silent and slowly unfolding intercourse of male and female genitalia, and the best stewardship. In retrospect, I would rate the planning structure in Reina's case as an AV actress male actor's nude gem. …… I look forward to the next installment.

It's no exaggeration to say that this is "the ultimate in eroticism," and "This Woman is Slutty" is no exception. The beauty of "This Woman is Slut" is that it is slow sex in a dark studio with a spotlight on the rounded female body and the muscular male body, which emerge in the spotlight, intertwine without any unnecessary dialogue, and a towering penis slowly slips in and out of the pussy! Mai Hatsuki's face looks like Sari Ito depending on the angle you look at her…and her slightly chubby body shape is similar too!

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