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Mai Amano, who has the urge to taste H she has never experienced before, is awakened by anal sex, something she has been awakening to lately! She immediately strips naked and checks the sensitivity of her anus, and begins to breathe hard and feel it with just a little touch. When we tried anal fingering, she seemed to be quite sensitive, so we inserted an electric foot into her anus.... She started to masturbate while operating the electric horn. Mai" can't wait for the cock to be inserted. After getting a big hard cock from the intense blowjob, it is first inserted into her pussy, where she feels it exhilaratingly, and then it goes into her anus, which is what she has been waiting for! Mai Amano's wild and wild behavior is unforgettable!
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User Reviews

Her slippery face and body are irresistible, but how can you resist her ass? The cock moves back and forth between the front and back, and with the use of toys, you can't help but writhe in agony. The only problem is that it's hard to tell where the penetration takes place. Both holes are beautiful, and it's great that she feels it so well. The pussy also breathes bewitchingly in synchronization with the anus that was ejaculated into at the end.

Mai Amano has been performing anal Nakadashi since her first appearance in Calibi in January 2021, and her trained anus can accept fingers and vibrators without any pain…even a thick penis can be inserted into her anus without any difficulty, and she is a sexy woman who feels good in two holes!  She is a horny bitch who can take a cock in her anus without any pain…and she can take a big cock in her anus without any difficulty!

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