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Chris Aoki is a beautiful MILF with a slender body and large eyes. She is a beautiful MILF who can wear skinny jeans and is of indeterminate age, and has a moist and elegant sex appeal. She has fair skin and smooth skin, and although she is not half-Japanese, she is said to be a little bit mixed. She is usually so busy with her work in the financial sector that she forgets to have sex. Her frustration has come full circle, and she feels the sensitivity of her small tits being played with, and she gets turned on immediately by handjob and cunnilingus! She holds two cocks in her hands while sucking and sucking the other one! She sucks and sucks 3 cocks at the same time with her special tongue technique! She also does cowgirl position with both hands on her dicks! The climax of the show is when the three of them line up in a row and get fucked one by one! They fucked one by one! Their slim bodies are panting and cumming hard as they are hit by the full force of the pistons! They get fucked in the slender pussies in a continuous 4-way!
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Chris Aoki is a beautiful MILF with a slender body with small breasts and a nice pussy with a pie pan, and she does not look 54 years old. Her slender body and the way she accepts the cock of three men in turn makes one feel that she is a MILF with room to spare. She has neither a husband nor a boyfriend, so I would like to make her my wife and have sex with her every day.

Chris Aoki, who has a slender body you wouldn't expect from a fifty-year-old woman and a beautiful pussy with a nice pie pan, fucked three penises in succession, with moderate caresses… It was a disappointment that the third shot was a blowjob to the stomach when she thought she would be getting three rounds of Nakadashi, but it was good to see the erotic aura of a mature woman in full bloom!

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