Luxury Adult Healing Spa: there is nothing better than slow passionate sex

Yuna Sasaki, dressed in a peach-colored transparent yukata, will give you a gentle and thick omotenashi at the "sophisticated adult healing pavilion. A male customer appears in a suit on his way home from work, and as his necktie is undone, he can hardly contain his arousal. Then she works on the customer who buries his face in hers as she removes Yuna's yukata and gently wraps it around him. Yuna's motherly instincts are tickled as she gets her pussy wet and accepts the growing cock. Yuna and the customer were both very satisfied as she was bucking her hips with more and more intensity, and finally she was given a thick cumshot inside her.
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User Reviews

Yuna-san, who looks good as a proprietress, is a very nice lady, and her appearance at "Iyashi-tei" is like a scene from the old "Hosohide Shoujouki". The beautiful witch welcomes us in her standard transparent lintel, but we only get a glimpse of her tits, and even the black shadow under the lintel cannot be seen without the red string pants. The first half of the movie was just blowjob without taking off the bedclothes, and there was no bath scene. In the second half, she finally showed her beautiful naked body. Her nipples are a little droopy but still cute and erect, and I want to lick them! She has a beautiful pussy, but if she opens it up more, there's nothing to say about it... She is a little tired but she is not too tired to give a blowjob to clean up. She was so happy to see the cum cum inside her, but she was a little tired and didn't have time to give her a blowjob. I want to be healed by Yuna too! I was a little dissatisfied with the work, but she saved my life.

It has been a long time since Yuna Sasaki made her first appearance. I am happy to see that her soft Japanese face and nice fair-skinned body are still alive and well. If you look closely, you can see that she is wearing a new outfit. It's a rare case for this series that they don't take a bath but have sex on the futon, which is fresh and nice.

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